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सारथी Enabling Startup Mentors



Lord Krishna, as Saarathi, had a 360-degree view of the entire war and yet he didn’t participate in any battle on Kurukshetra directly. Then, why is it said that he played the most important role in the Mahabharata? Lord Krishna was instrumental in: ❖ Bringing the clarity of purpose (Dharma) to Arjun when his mind was confused ❖ Guiding him to be a righteous warrior ❖ Directing him to maneuver through the unexpected attacks ❖ Supporting in devising timely strategies ❖ Motivating him, to the extent of threatening him to pick up the weapon when he had dropped his guard. And that is what a Mentor is! In the modern world, when a startup founder (Arjun) is struggling to achieve a sustainable & scalable venture, gets disoriented by too many ideas & advises, a Mentor has to play the role of a Saarathi. Without picking up weapons (being a part of day-to-day execution), Mentor plays a crucial role in the success of the venture.

सारथी Enabling Startup Mentors

The objective of ‘सारथी- Enabling Startup Mentors’ Programme is to equip the mentors with the requisite listening, questioning & guiding skills for effective & impactful mentoring. The mentor has the dual responsibility of not only encouraging & nurturing the individuals to reach their full entrepreneurial potential but also helping in streamlining their business models & roadmap to develop sustainable and / or fundable enterprises. This programme will also unfold how the mentors can play a constructive role in this journey of startup entrepreneurs and will enable them to strengthen their contribution in helping Startups to scale up and be successful.

Programme Day(s) & Time

16th April 2021 to 18th April 2021

Fri, Sat & Sunday: 10 am to 1.30 pm

Programme Duration:

10 hours (Live online sessions)

Programme Fees

INR 3,540/- Per Participant

(Inclusive of GST) Pay Now


  • Mentors who are already guiding startups and early-stage companies
  • Aspiring Mentors with 15 + yrs of Industry Experience
  • Entrepreneurs with 10+ yrs experience & aspiring to be Mentors
  • Professionals from Corporate, Independent Consultants and Mentor of Change from the Startup Ecosystem

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding how Mentor plays a different role compared to Consultants, Advisors etc.
  • How to guide the Startup systematically so that they can develop crystal clear Business Model for their venture
  • How to help the startups develop a clear strategy & execution roadmap in lines with the Business Model
  • Best ways or options to enter into arrangements with startup on Mentoring assignment
  • How to legally protect interest as a Mentor
  • Do’s and the Don’ts for Mentors while engaging with startups
  • Digital Certificate of Participation


  • Module 1: IFPR (Idea, Focus, Priority, Resource) framework to guide Startups including building blocks of Business Model
  • Module 2: Structuring Commercial and Legal agreements with Startups
  • Module 3: Defining the Role of a Mentor (with Do’s & Don’ts)

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Last date of Registration 13th April, 2021

Bank Details

  • Account No. : 918010103185234
  • Bank Name: AXIS bank LTD.
  • IFSC Code: UTIB0000062
  • Branch: Malad, Mumbai (MH), Mumbai – 400064

Payment Guidelines

  • Registration and prior confirmation is required for attending the Programme
  • Your participation will be confirmed only after the payment of Programme Fees
  • To get final confirmation of participation, kindly share the transaction details of the payment over

Contact Details

Resource Persons

Bhushan Gajaria

Bhushan Gajaria

Founder, Beehive Capital Advisors
Samkit Shah

Samkit Shah

Founder & CEO, Aligned Pillars
UDay Wankawala

UDay Wankawala

CEO, AIC-RMP (Moderator for Panel Discussion)
Manish Porwal

Manish Porwal

Founder, LogiNext (Panelist)
Hitesh Kenjale

Hitesh Kenjale

Co-founder, DesiHangover (Panelist)


Programme Guidelines

  • AIC-RMP will review the applications & selected participants will get confirmation mail after which they can proceed with the payment of Fees. The fees are non-refundable.
  • Only registered & confirmed participants will be allowed to attend the sessions.
  • It is mandatory to attend all the sessions to get the Digital Certificate of Participation.